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Event Title: LXmas Fly-In
Begin: 22.12.2019 10:00z
Allowed Aircraft: A320
Departure Airport(s): LSZH
Arrival Airport(s): EFRO

On Sunday, December 22nd at 1000z SWISS Virtual and Edelweiss Virtual are organizing a joint Fly-in event to Santas hometown Rovaniemi on VATSIM and IVAO.

All pilots are welcome to join. Fly and get your award in the Edelweiss Virtual Intranet.

The outbound leg from Zürich (LSZH) to Rovaniemi (EFRO) departs at 1000z.
The return leg from Rovaniemi (EFRO) to Zürich (LSZH) departs at 1420z.

A full briefing for EFRO (incl. sceneries and charts) can be found here

Event Flights

Flights can be booked here by our pilots AFTER having signed up for the event!

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Available Slots

Slot Nr.Dep. TimeAirportPilot
1 10:00z LSZH Available!
2 10:05z LSZH Available!
3 10:10z LSZH Available!
4 10:15z LSZH Available!
5 10:20z LSZH Available!
6 10:25z LSZH Available!
7 10:30z LSZH Available!
8 10:35z Available!
9 10:40z Available!
10 10:45z Available!
11 10:50z Available!
12 10:55z Available!
13 11:00z Available!
14 11:05z Available!
15 11:10z Available!